/ Concerts / The Crossing, Queen Elisabeth Chamber Music
11.30 am.
Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth
1410, Chaussée de Tervuren 445
1410 Waterloo, Belgique

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The Crossing, Queen Elisabeth Chamber Music

In a transatlantic boat connecting le Havre to New-York, a first class passenger meets the modest pianist from the music salon. The night just fell. At the starlight, they’re starting to share their loneliness and their love for music and literature.

“Which bond can there be between George Sand and Frederic Chopin ?”; “Is Le clair de lune from Verlaine or Debussy ?”; “Since how long have been playing piano on boats ?”; “What is a Rag Time?”; “Why are you travelling alone ?”; “Do you like the Beatles ?”.

Between the two passengers, the conversation starts thanks to music and poetry and accompanied them from Europe to America.