/ Concerts / ADN BAROQUE
Palais des Congrès de Saint-Raphaël
Port Santa Lucia, 101 Quai Commandant le Prieur
83700 Saint-Raphaël

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02/04 : « ADN Baroque » show with Théophile Alexandre at the Palais des Congrès in Saint-Raphaël at 8:30 pm.

ADN Baroque revisits the chiaroscuro of Baroque music, in a naked exploration of the human soul.

Sung and danced by the same artist, the countertenor and dancer Théophile Alexandre, in duet with the pianist Guillaume Vincent (ADAMI & Victoires de la Musique revelation), on choreographies by Jean-Claude Gallotta, this choreographed lyrical recital takes us to the heart of our own emotional DNA.

In 3 acts (Pearls of Light, Shadows and Night) and in 21 pieces, like the 21 grams of the weight of the soul, the artists explore the baroque soul in piano-voice and offer a refined, skin-deep version. Between light and shadow, between body and soul, this delicate moment will vibrate for a long time in you.